BodyKey Fitness Community


Losing weight may seem to be a daunting feat for some, but together as a community, we can motivate each other and keep ourselves fit and healthy. BodyKey Fitness Community aims to do this, and we have great rewards just for you! 



1) Be a Team Leader and gather a team of at least 3 ABOs, with each ABO spending a minimum of AP$150.00 on any Nutrilite or BodyKey products.

2) Take part in at least 2 Group Fitness Activities and take a Group Photo. 

3) Team leader to submit your team member names, ABO numbers, consolidated sales orders / invoice numbers as proof of purchase, AND your Group Photos* to

4) Amway Singapore will email you within 5 working days with confirmation and prize redemption details.

5) Each team member can redeem 1 set of Nutrilite Bio C & Cal Mag D foil pack per successful submission.

*Your submitted Group Photos stand a chance to be featured on Amway Singapore social media platforms, so be as creative as possible!

Redeem these prizes up to 3 times a month!



If your team spends a combined total of AP$1000 on Nutrilite or BodyKey products per submission, you'll stand to win a pack of 5 XS T-shirts + 1 set of unique iron-on patches!