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Moon Ng

"Thanks a million to AMWAY. I couldn’t have possibly unlocked a new me without this wonderful yet easy-to-follow weight management programme!"


Everybody knows that I enjoy gourmet food, but I don’t like working out. My unstoppable cravings explain my weight gain without me even noticing it.

When I discovered that I had outgrown my clothes, I was momentarily upset but I did not control my diet. Once I saw delicious food served, I would put my weight gain out of my mind and eat it! As a result, I continued to shop for larger clothing. Every time I look into the mirror, my self-esteem immediately dropped to its lowest point.

As my weight reached its highest, I started to feel tired easily and developed health issues such as high cholesterol. Realising the gravity of my problem, I made a firm decision to lose weight.

I was introduced to a so-called ‘deprivation detox diet’ by a friend of mine who claimed that it gave fast results and is the ideal choice for people like me who don’t like exercising.

I started on the diet plan by eating mainly cereals in the first month. As expected, I lost a whopping 7 kg within a month, but the entire process was excruciating. I had to fight my urge to eat. The worst part is that I started to suffer from symptoms of malnutrition.

One month later, I gave it up as I decided not to endure hardship of such magnitude anymore. I resumed my usual eating habits and I saw my body weight increasing, at a more rapid rate than before.

When I first got to know about the BodyKey by NUTRILITE™ Weight Management Programme, my major concern was that I may be asked to exercise every day.  After learning the details of the entire programme, I was quite surprised that it advised me to eat my meals regularly. As I went through the regime, I realised that eating my meals regularly is very important to weight loss. The most distinctive feature about this programme is that it doesn’t have as many restrictions as other diet plans. 

As I went through the BodyKey Weight Management Programme, my biggest challenge was the physical activity part. I was told that regular exercise would allow me to reap better results from the programme. It would also help me drop the pounds and keep them off.

Basically, I didn’t like working out because I didn’t like to sweat, but I understood that if some changes are made, I may get closer to my target weight. Hence, out of all types of exercises, I chose swimming as I wouldn’t have to sweat! I think the only way of sticking to a workout plan and to ee long term results is to choose the form of exercise that one enjoys most.

I kicked off my BodyKey programme with a one hour swimming session two to three times per week. The results were amazing! During the course of the programme, I witnessed a gradual decrease in my weight without having to give up my favourite foods. My body fat percentage also decreased. Such results were indeed a pleasant surprise to me!

The InbodyBAND is also something worth mentioning. This gadget is extraordinary! First of all, the InbodyBAND looks really chic and it goes well with whatever you wear. Some of my friends even said that the BodyKey Jump Start Kit is worth buying just for the sake of this fitness tracker!

Through this gadget, I realised that my daily step count was way below par. 

I checked the data displayed every day and tried my best to reach the target step count. In fact, I found that it wasn’t too difficult to realise my goal! Besides, the gadget shows my body fat index every day and motivates me to work harder to achieve my goals. It acts as my super-efficient personal coach!

The biggest excitement after following the BodyKey by NUTRILITE™ Programme is that now S size clothing best fits me instead of L! I almost feel like crying tears of joy whenever I walk into a fitting room. Who would have thought that such a seemingly simple weight management programme could successfully transform me!

BodyKey has also helped improve my health. My cholesterol level is now back to normal. I feel much more energetic and less tired than before. All my friends are astonished by the positive changes in me. They couldn’t imagine a ‘constant craver’ like me could become slim and beautiful!

Thanks a million to AMWAY™. I couldn’t have possibly unlocked a new me without this wonderful yet easy-to-follow weight management programme!

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