Merlina Ong


Merlina Ong

"BodyKey Weight Management Programme is a personalised programme that all other weight management programmes cannot compare with, providing the body composition analyser which acts like my personal trainer on-the-go, 24 hours a day, motivating me to stay connected to the programme. Many have commented that I look younger now!"

I used to be a skinny child when my mother adopted me so she fed me a milk diet till I became chubby. I was always teased in school until I lost some puppy fat in during my teenage years. However, maintaining my weight became a huge problem after my first pregnancy due to my lifestyle and high calorie diet; not forgetting my irresistibility on sweet-tasting food like chocolates, cookies and cakes.

Due to lack of exercise as I am a rather sedentary person (a private tutor) who bakes, reads and watches movies during my free time, maintaining or losing weight was a challenge to me. I had spent thousands of dollars at spas like Body Contours and Marie France from the early 1990s. However, my weight problem will rebound when I stop going for my regular treatments. I was also not disciplined in following any of the weight loss programmes available to me.

My dress size escalated from M to XXL (UK10 to 14 sometimes 16) and I tried to hide my shape with unflattering loose fitting clothes. I hated my figure and my confidence was at an all-time low. Being overweight also made me feel less energetic - even climbing the overhead bridges was arduous and I became lazier and avoided going out.

Fortunately, I came to know of NUTRILITE and decided to try the supplements. With or without exercise, NUTRILITE has helped me gain energy level and health. However, I was still rather inactive until BodyKey helped me monitor my daily activity (movement) level as well as my calorie intake and sleep. The personalised assessment in the BodyKey App helped me understand how I can successfully manage my weight. Besides food intake, detailed sleep pattern and activity reports/charts can be calculated in seconds and there are tips/advice and even exercise videos for home workouts found in the App.

The InBodyBAND keeps track of all these like a personal trainer on-the-go - 24 hours a day, something that all other weight management programmes cannot compare with, especially the body composition analyser that keeps one motivated to keep to the programme. Many have commented that I look younger now!

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