Matthew Gan


Matthew Gan

"I would recommend everyone to try this BodyKey Weight Management Programme to lose weight the healthy way."

I have always been on the plump side since I was young. My mum prays every month and all her offerings usually consist of lots of meat and very little vegetables. My family’s meal habits have always been the primary contribution to my weight. Moreover, I am not the athletic type, so the lack of exercise contributed to my size too.

All thanks to the AMWAY business, I started to learn about nutrition and the importance of having a balanced diet. As I journey to become one of the leaders in this industry, I realised that maintaining my weight and health is crucial to look convincing to my downlines and prospects. For the past 10 years, my weight underwent two phases of big leaps. As a pioneer in the business since 2002, I worked very hard day and night and there was lots of walking. To celebrate my Emerald achievement in 2005, I bought myself a car as a reward, which further reduced my physical activity level. The decrease in my physical activity and metabolic rate contributed to an approximate 10kg weight gain within a year.

The second phase of weight gain came after my Diamondship in 2009. I was enjoying all the good food and supper and I saw my weight jumped by another 8kg in a year. Eventually, my weight reached an all-time peak of 98kg! I decided that I must do something to my weight, not just for my health but also for my image as a leader in the industry and for my business to stay convincing to my customers.

As I gained weight, I feel that I started looking much older than my age, by at least 10 years. Carrying around all the extra body-weight makes me feel easily tired, and I had to change my wardrobe from L to XL size. I made a decision to be disciplined and work towards cutting away the extra pounds from my body.

Before the BodyKey programme, I underwent a personal slimming regime using AMWAY supplements about 2 years ago. Within a year, I lost around 7kg as I controlled my carbohydrate intake. Through this experience, I am sure that I can discipline myself to follow the programme.

I saw my weight slowly creeping back up after the Chinese New Year. Hence, I decided not to miss this opportunity to lose weight by joining the BodyKey Weight Management Programme.

The BodyKey Weight Management Programme is not something that I am unfamiliar with. I have been consuming NUTRILITE products for the past 13 years, so I know how good they are. But the uniqueness about this programme is that it helps us to monitor our diet and physical activities through the InBodyBAND and the BodyKey App, which is able to track our daily calorie intake, physical steps, body composition and sleeping pattern. After going through the personalised assessment in the App, I started to understand my body more. With the aid of the InBodyBAND, setting of goals became so much easier, and through the InBodyBAND alarm notification, I was able to follow my personalised plan. I also forced myself to exercise regularly every week so that I can achieve the optimal result I wanted. I started to swim 20 laps and run on treadmills again. The “lead by example” mindset helped me to pull through the 60 days programme. I was really looking forward to see how thrilled my downlines would be when I go on stage and gain their respect. It has been great to wear M size clothes again instead of XL, and I feel much younger again. Some Diamonds who have not seen me for a while, couldn't recognise me when I was at the NLC in June 2015. It felt good to see them looking surprised at my progress.

I would recommend everyone to try this BodyKey Weight Management Programme to lose weight the healthy way.

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