A large part of weight management success lies in community support, be it from your family, friends or fellow BodyKey users, community support plays an important role in achieving your goals. BodyKey recognises this and thus enables you to share your progress via the Bodykey App!

The BodyKey App enables you to connect to your mobile contact list. From here, you are able to share your progress and view your friend’s progress if they are using the BodyKey App as well. You may also form a group and take part in the BodyKey Challenge; besides being a friendly competition to motivate you on your weight management journey, you also stand a chance to win fantastic prizes!

The community support platform which BodyKey offers, allows you to share and celebrate your success with your peers as well as helps encourage you to stay on track and achieve your goal!

Be a part of the BodyKey Fitness Community

What is BodyKey Fitness Community?

With general wellness being one of the important aspects in our daily lives, BodyKey is here to support you in achieving your health and fitness goals in a fun and passionate community!

The BodyKey Fitness Community (BFC) programme is crafted to support ABOs in their business growth and expansion by using BodyKey as a recruitment platform, creating brand awareness and promoting BodyKey as an effective, safe and fun weight management journey at fitness and wellness events.


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